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Chapter 20: Response Ability

They said, “You are the only man who understands.”

I said, “Certainly, because I am on the fifteenth and I know your master is trying, making every effort, to enter into the fifteenth. I don’t allow him! He tries hard, but I don’t open the door. And as long as I am there on the fifteenth - and there is no sixteenth, so I cannot go anywhere else - your master has no chance.”

They said, “Fifteenth? But in our scripture there are only fourteen.”

“I think that’s natural. Your master knows about only fourteen because he has never entered the fifteenth.”

They were very much shocked and angry. Their whole desire is that their master is accepted as the highest, then they are certainly the most significant people on the earth, following the greatest master. And the master was also on the same trip because in his own writing, which nobody reads except his own disciples - and they are not many, but they are very rich people.

They showed me their scripture. He has written with his own hand the names of Gautam Buddha and Jesus and Kabir on lower steps, and his own name he has written on the highest. That very stupidity shows that he is not even on the lowest, the first floor. He does not know anything about enlightenment.

He may have been a learned scholar. That seems to be a possibility, because he writes well. But he is writing everything as a parrot, repeating from old Indian scriptures. There is not a single statement which is original.

I asked them, “Show me something that is original. A man who has reached to the highest plane of consciousness must say something which nobody has said, because nobody has reached to that plane. Show me something. Because all that is written in it has been said by people who are just on the third, fourth, fifth.What is your master’s own statement? What is his testimony?”

They could not find a single statement in their whole book which was not stolen. But this thing goes on and on.

The man who brought me to Pune for the first time, nearabout thirty years ago, was a follower of Mahavira and he was also a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He lived with Mahatma Gandhi in his ashram for years. His name was Rishabhdas Ranka. Many people of Pune must know him. Because Mahatma Gandhi was teaching continuously that all religions are the same, essentially the same - no religion is higher than the other, they are all equal - he also learned, like a parrot, to repeat it.

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