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Chapter 31: The Greatest Reality in the World

As one pair of sparkling eyes after another arrives to be with you here, is it perhaps that you are surrounded for the first time by disciples who love you as you are, or however you want to be - and who are certainly not looking for any goody-goody saint?

The way of love is the way of no-expectation. Love exists only when there is total acceptance and no desire to change anything.

The moment you start thinking of how the other should be.whether the other is your lover, your beloved, your child, your master, your disciple.it does not matter who the other is, what matters is a total acceptance of the other as he is. Not tolerance - tolerance is an ugly word. In the very word tolerance there is intolerance. The very word smells as if somehow, against your will, you are managing it: it is not a loving acceptance but an unloving tolerance.

It is true that it has taken me a long, long journey to find only those people who can understand me, accept me, love me as I am. I have never asked anybody to be somebody other than who he is. But for thousands of years all the religions have lived in a nightmare, in a very strange and weird situation. The disciples were demanding how the master should be, the master was demanding how the disciples should be.

One can understand the demand from the side of the master: you have come to him to be transformed, to be changed; it is understandable if he wants certain disciplines to be followed. But it is absolutely not understandable that the disciples, the followers, should also demand how the master should be. And the wonder of wonders is that the masters have been fulfilling the desires of those who are their followers. The leaders have been followers of their own followers. To remain in the dominant position of being a master, they have compromised; it is a mutual compromise: “I will fulfill your demands, you fulfill my demands.” And this has been going on for thousands of years.

A real master, an authentic master, a man who knows, is not going to accept any demand from those who do not know. He cannot fulfill your desires, your idea of how a master should be. But your so-called masters have been doing exactly that. If you wanted them to be naked, they remained naked; if you wanted them to fast, they fasted; if you wanted them to do certain yoga exercises, they did them. Whatever you wanted they did, in order to remain in power, dominating you, dictating your life.

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