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Chapter 12: “Instant” Pathology

In that fear and anxiety, in that impatience, you can go on searching but you will not find. It is not that you have to find God, it is that you have to allow him to find you. So you have to be in a receptive mood, in a nondesiring, nondemanding mood, utterly at ease, as if it has already happened. There is no need for it to happen, it is as if it has already happened. With this silence, this peace, with this nontense state, it happens.

You ask, “So many people are looking for instant enlightenment these days and there are all these gurus running around saying ‘Follow me,’ and yet it is questionable whether the answer is there.” The answer is in you, it is nowhere else. So if you want to follow a man, follow the man who throws you back to yourself - because the answer is in you. The outer guru’s function is to help you to find your inner guru.

If the outer guru wants you to cling to him and hang around him, and if he wants you to remain always dependent on him, then he is dangerous. Avoid him. Then he is not a master. Then he has need of followers, but he is not a master. Then through followers he is fulfilling his own ego. He feels good because he has so many followers. His feeling good has nothing to do with enlightenment, his feeling good is almost as political as any politician’s when he is in power. It gives a kind of power when you know that you have so many disciples, many followers - thousands of followers. It gives power. It is a power trip.

But if somebody is on a power trip he will not help you to go into your innermost core. He will be the last person to help you. He will hinder you. He will create all kinds of barriers so that you cannot reach into your own core, because if you reach into your own core you will be free of that so-called guru. There will be no need. Yes, you will thank him and you will move on your own way. You will be grateful that he helped you, that he guided you to your own innermost being, but that’s all. You are ready to move on your own, you are ready to be your own being.

So remember, this has to be the criterion. If you feel that a certain guru is enjoying the idea of having so many disciples and is creating barriers for you to enter into your own being, and is desirous that you should go on clinging to him and makes you more and more helpless and makes you more and more dependent, makes you more and more afraid and creates guilt in you, and goes on saying, “It is only through me that your salvation is possible,” takes away your freedom, destroys you - then escape from that man, he is the devil incarnate. Avoid him.

Search out somebody who is not in any need of having followers, who has no need of having a big crowd around him, who is utterly satisfied with himself even when he is alone, who is absolutely contented with his own self. Then he can be of tremendous help.

But remember again, the answer is not anywhere else, the answer is within you. The kingdom of God is within you. You are already carrying the answer within yourself. Maybe you have not looked and read it, maybe you don’t know how to decode it, maybe you have lost the key to your own innermost shrine. Somebody can be of help. One who has come to his innermost being can show you the path.

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