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Chapter 11: Beliefs Are Lies

But the sannyasin is not afraid. He has written a beautiful letter to them saying, “I am doing the work of Christ and I am doing the work of a living Christ, and I don’t see any difference.” But ordinarily.now he can be thrown out, is bound to be thrown out. No organized religion can tolerate such individuals, such rebels.

The followers want you to behave the way they decide, the way the tradition decides, and if you need their respect you are bound to follow them. They will follow you, you follow them. Hence I say, religious or political, it does not matter: leaders are the followers of their own followers.

And that is the criterion whether a man is really a master or not. The master is one who does not follow the followers, who does not compromise in any way, because he has no need. Whether there are people or not, there is no question of greed.

The unenlightened seeks the other because he feels lonely. It may be the teacher-disciple thing, it may be the husband-wife trip, it may be friendship.it may be any kind of relationship. You seek the other out of your loneliness, and the other is also seeking you out of her or his loneliness. And two lonelinesses are bound to create hell, great hell, because both are negative. And when two negatives meet it is not a simple addition, it is a multiplication. The same is true about two positives: when they meet it is not simple addition, it is multiplication.

The enlightened also seeks the other. Jesus moved from one village to another - for what? Mahavira traveled thousands of miles on foot - for what? For forty-two years Buddha was going.he was always on the go. Even when he was very old, eighty-two, he was still moving from village to village, for the simple reason that somebody has to be found with whom he can share. But now it is not a need, hence he will not compromise. It is not a need, hence he will not possess. It is not a need, in fact it is just the opposite of it: it is abundance.

He is like a rain cloud full of rainwater: it wants to shower somewhere. If it can find a garden, good; if it cannot find a garden, then too it has to shower. It may shower even on the rocks; it does not matter, but it has to shower. When the flower opens up, the fragrance has to be released. Whether anybody comes to know of it or not is immaterial. It is not a need, it is overflowing joy. When there is overflowing love it is compassion.

Passion arises out of negative nothingness and compassion arises out of positive nothingness.

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