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Chapter 10: Saying Yes to Life

Buddha has said, “I know that Mahavira has many times stood begging in front of a house where nobody lives; the house has been empty for years. Only when people say to him that ‘This house is empty, nobody lives here,’ will he move to another house to beg.”

And the followers claim that he knows past, present and future, that he knows everything, that he is omniscient, that he is omnipotent, that he is all-powerful. But he suffered throughout his life from stomach diseases, he died of stomach diseases - it may have been something like a stomach cancer, the word cancer was not known in those days - and he is thought to be omnipotent and he is thought to be omnipresent: all the qualities of God. But these are the claims of the followers. That I can understand: followers are stupid people, otherwise why should they follow?

I don’t have any followers here. You are all my friends. I don’t want any followers because I don’t want to live surrounded by fools!

But Satya Sai Baba declares that he is infallible, that he knows all, that he has never committed a mistake that he cannot commit a mistake. Now these are all maniacs. Ego cannot be more mad.

Perfection is not possible. You are imperfect, and there is nothing wrong in being imperfect; this is the only way to be. Once you accept your imperfection you have accepted your humanity, and in that acceptance the yes arises. And then you can love yourself and you can love others too, because they are as imperfect as you are.

Y, you are still trying to live according to the ideas given by your parents to you. In that way all parents have poisoned their children for thousands of years; that poisoning still continues. And once a child is poisoned, from the very beginning he starts thinking it IS his own idea. It gets so deep-rooted - it goes to the very guts - that you completely forget that it has been implanted from the outside. And then you try to live it out. You cannot manage it, and it will mess up your whole life.

One Indian friend has asked: “Osho, nothing moves without the will of God, not even a single blade of grass.” These are his actual words:

The second question:

When you say that not a single blade of grass moves but by his will, why is there a metal detector and so many security arrangements here?

The questioner is Prakash Singh Madhuban.

It is because of his will! If not a single blade of grass moves, how can the metal detector move? It is so simple! If not a single blade of grass moves, how can so many guards move? But he thinks he is asking a very wise question. He must be thinking he is asking something which is unanswerable.

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