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Chapter 9: These Games Keep You Retarded

Just a few days ago in America there was an international conference of homosexuals, and one MP from England represented the homosexuals of England. He is a member of the parliament, and certainly he is a homosexual; otherwise why should he be their representative? And in the conference he said, “You must be thinking that I am a strange person, being a member of parliament and representing the homosexuals, but I want you to know that at least fifty-six members of the parliament in England are homosexuals.” They may not have the courage to come out.and these people will make laws against homosexuality!

Perhaps you have never thought about it that Jesus continued to drink alcohol, but no Christian has the guts to say that a man with the qualities of Jesus should not drink alcohol. Only if he has not found the alcohol within is there a possibility to search for alcohol without. Every night it was party time - and it is strange that even after two thousand years, people drink alcohol in the name of Jesus. Naturally, if Jesus can be an alcoholic then why make it a prohibition? If even Jesus needs it then I don’t think anybody can be in a position who does not need it.

I have heard about a strange ritual that happens every year in the Vatican. The pope comes out in all his regalia, with the cardinals following, and the rabbi from Rome comes with a big scroll. He hands over the scroll to the pope, the pope looks at the scroll, gives it back to the rabbi and everybody wonders what is the matter. What is written on the scroll? Finally one young man dared to ask, “It has been going on for two thousand years; now we should at least know the content of the scroll. The whole ritual.and there seems to be no meaning.”

The scroll was opened for the first time, and it was found that it was the bill for the Last Supper! And the question is, who is going to pay it? Obviously, Jesus was a Jew - the rabbis should pay it, but the rabbis had denied Jesus, they crucified him. They don’t accept him as one of them; the pope should pay it. But the discussion is such that there is no way to decide. Jesus is a Jew - of course his followers are Christians - and why should Christians pay for a Jewish party? So every year the bill comes, the bill goes back.

Vimal, the way to understand me is to always remember that I am insisting - from every corner, in every possible way - only on a single target, and that is your innermost being. Whatever I may have said.never be too much concerned with what is said. Be concerned about what it indicates.

I want you to drop all games - worldly games, spiritual games, games that the whole of humanity has played up to now. These games keep you retarded. These games hinder you from growing into consciousness, into your own ultimate flowering. I want to cut away all this rubbish that prevents you.

I want to leave you alone, absolutely alone, so that you cannot take anybody’s help, so you cannot cling to any prophet, so that you cannot think that Gautam Buddha is going to save you. Left alone - utterly alone - you are bound to find your innermost center.

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