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Chapter 10: Understanding Is Transcendence

But they managed. For the photographs to be published in the newspaper, they managed - although you could see that the man was sitting very reluctantly. He had been beaten so hard.it is true, he was dead! But the posture was not a harmony, it was forced; the posture was as dead as the man was dead.

The problem is that by following the outer rules, following the inner rules, without knowing who it is who is being forced to follow the outer rules, the inner rules, you are going to create a thousand and one frictions. On each step there is going to be difficulty. The outer rule says one thing and the inner rule may say exactly the opposite, and you will be torn apart.

The outer rule says: “Love your wife, love your children, love your family, love your neighborhood, love the people around you, because that is the only way to live with these people, that is the only way to be related to them.” And the inner rule says, “Wife? - she is the sure door to hell!” Now there is friction: how to love hell?

But people are great artists; they manage both. Deep down they know this woman is hell, and on the surface they say, “Darling, I love you. I will die without you.” And they are hoping inside that somehow, if this woman dies.

But the women are so strong that every husband pops off, and the woman remains to see him pop! Unless he pops off, she is not going to leave the world. Women have a five-year-longer life span.

I have heard, a woman was dying and the husband was trying to bring tears to his eyes. It is a difficult job when your whole being wants to dance, when you want to burst into a film song. So he was putting some spicy thing into his eyes to bring tears. But you cannot deceive a woman - particularly no husband can deceive a wife; it has never happened.

She said, “Stop all this nonsense. Just promise me one thing, that you are not going to marry the woman who lives in the neighborhood.”

The man said, “Don’t be afraid. And, anyway, your clothes will not fit her. I promise I will not marry her; your clothes won’t fit with her.”

You cannot hide. Your inner and outer are constantly in friction, everywhere. You are asked by your elders, by your religious teachers, to be truthful - because lying is one of the worst crimes, a sin for which you will suffer much.

One old swami, a traditional swami, Swami Divyanand, used to stay with my family whenever he would come that way, at least once a year. And truth was his main theme. One afternoon he was resting. He had the body of a Hindu monk, and as you know. He was resting, but giving as much trouble to the bed as possible.

Hindu monks have a strange way of growing fat. They know no limits. Perhaps they are in the search of the unlimited.

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