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Chapter 8: Collecting Seashells

R. D. Laing has said somewhere that each breakdown is a breakthrough also. I don’t agree totally. Each breakdown, he says, is a breakthrough also. I don’t agree. I know each breakthrough is preceded by a breakdown, but each breakdown is not followed by a breakthrough. A breakdown is simply a situation in which your so-called logical mind cannot function. It comes to a barrier beyond which there is no go for it - it simply breaks down. That’s when we say a man has become mad.

I also help you to become mad. Of course, my madness is with a method. First you have to break down so that a new breakthrough can be possible. First you have to be dismantled, destroyed, so that you can be recreated.

I am not in favor of renovation of old buildings, no. Laxmi is in favor of it, but I am not. She has her difficulties. I am completely in favor of dismantling and then making a new start from the very abc.

By becoming a sannyasin, you allow me to destroy you. A great trust is needed ( it is not a following; following is very cheap ( it is moving in danger, it is taking a tremendous risk. And moving with such a man who is so contradictory that you are going to get crazy sooner or later.

Whatsoever I am saying today, tomorrow I will contradict. Only one thing is certain: that I will remain contradictory. Only with one thing am I consistent, and that is my inconsistency.

But if you allow me ( sannyas is simply a gesture that you allow me ( then I can dismantle you. And then, out of that dismantling, a totally new being can arise; Whatsoever society has done, I can undo, that’s all.I can undo, that’s all.

Sannyas is not a following. It is a friendship. You are not going to become my shadows and follow me. You are going to come along with me, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. It is a love affair, a friendship.

But remember, if you don’t follow me, you will be following me. So better take sannyas.

Enough for today.