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Chapter 48: Session 48

He said, “I just wanted to see what, deep down, I had always dreamed - that you are not what you appeared to be. You are somebody else.”

I said, “Strange that you never told me before.”

He said, “I myself thought it strange to tell somebody that they are somebody else other than who they appeared to be, so I kept it to myself. But it came again and again. And now I am old, and I wanted to see whether it had happened, or was I just a fool wasting my time in thinking about it.”

By the time he left he was a sannyasin. He said, “Now there is no point in not becoming a sannyasin. I have seen you, and I have seen your people. I am old and will not live long, but even a few days as a sannyasin and I will feel that my life has not been in vain.”

Just ten minutes for me..

It is beautiful, but no more. I know there is time but I have something else to do.