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Chapter 8: The Bull Transcended

The moment you understand, then whatsoever I am saying also is nonsensical. If you don’t understand, then it looks meaningful. All meaning is because of misunderstanding. If you understand, then all meaning disappears; only life is. Meaning is of the mind, a projection of the mind, interpretation of the mind. Then, a rose is a rose is a rose - not even these words exist. Just the rose.just the rose without any name, without any adjective to it, without any definition to it. Just life is - suddenly without any meaning, without any purpose. And that is the greatest mystery to realize.

So meaning is not the real search. The real search is to come upon life itself - raw, naked.

All questions are foolish in a way, and all answers also. All questions are foolish in a way because they are all mind-created, and mind is the barrier between you and the real. And mind goes on creating questions, it delays the search. It convinces you that you are a great seeker because you are asking so many questions. But because of your asking you are collecting clouds around you. First you will ask, then the question will surround you; then you will start getting some answers, then answers will surround you - and there will always remain a barrier between you and the raw, wild, naked life, that which is. It is neither a question nor an answer, it is a revelation. When the mind is not, it is revealed to you. It is simply there, manifested in all its glory, available in its totality.

But man goes on asking questions, and it appears to him that this questioning is somehow a great search. It is not. All questions, all answers - all games, all are games. You can play if you like, but nothing is going to be solved through them. And people go on asking to the very end of their lives.

But Gertrude Stein did well. At the last moment she revealed a Zen quality. She proved herself a woman of understanding, awareness. Of course, the people who were there could not understand what she had revealed. She would have been understood in the East, not in the West. There she must have been thought of as if she had gone mad just before dying - because our questions continue, the same foolish questions. Even at the very edge, when death is coming, we go on asking the same routine, rotten questions, and we go on seeking for answers.

I have heard, it happened in a bank, the bank robber shoved a note across to the teller which read: “Put the money in a bag, sucker, and don’t make a move.”

The teller quickly wrote out a note and shoved it back: “Straighten your tie, stupid. Your picture’s being taken.”

Even at the moment of death, you will be straightening your tie because your picture is being taken. Man remains interested in mirrors. Man remains interested in what others are thinking about him, what others are saying about him. Man goes on just creating a beautiful image about himself. That is your whole life effort. And one day you disappear, and your image falls into the dust. Dust unto dust, nothing remains.

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