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Chapter 6: Go On Moving

“Where do you think you are going?” asked the motorcycle cop who finally stopped him.

“I’m coming home - hic - from a New Year’s Eve party.”

“Are you kidding?” asked the cop. “New Year’s was three weeks ago!”

“I know,” said Branihan. “That’s why I figure I better be getting home.”

You have been away from your home long enough. You should be getting home by now.

Anything that moves is good. A question, if real, helps you to move. Again, let me repeat: it is not going to help you to find the answer, because there is none. But an authentic question that arises from your being is meaningful to you - it may be foolish to me, but is relevant to you; it may be irrelevant in the ultimate understanding of things, but if it is relevant to you let it be foolish, let it be absurd - you ask it. And my answer will just give you a push. You will be moving.

Keep moving. One thing has to be remembered: keep moving. Then you will be alive. That’s why a question is more important than a belief. I say all questions are foolish, but they are nothing compared to beliefs. Beliefs are absolutely stupid. Questions are only foolish. To be a fool can be fun, but to be stupid is ugly, to be idiotic is to be ill.

Beliefs are idiotic. Somebody says. “I am a Hindu,” somebody says, “I am a Christian,” somebody says, “I am a Jaina,” somebody says. “I am a Buddhist” - these are idiots, because belief means they have come to the answer. A questioner is at least moving; he has not come to the answer. He thinks he can come by questioning; that is why he is foolish. But still, he has not come to the answer. The man of belief who says “I am a Christian” has arrived. He thinks he has found the answer. Now, he is absolutely an idiot. He is stuck, his flow is completely gone. That’s why you never see so-called religious people joyous. You will never see them streaming with life, flowering.

The word flower too must come from flow. I don’t know exactly whether it comes from “flow” or not, but it should come. Etymologically, linguistically, it may not come - I don’t bother, I don’t care a little bit. But it should come. Flower - flow. And look at a flower; that’s what flow is. The whole tree has come to a peak of its flowering. From the roots to the flower there is a continuous flow of life, energy, sap. And in the flower the tree has bloomed; that flow has come to sing a song. There is a dance, the tree has bloomed.

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