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Chapter 6: The Door to the Wild

Pleased as punch, he sets off home. He goes inside, creeps up the stairs in the dark, trembling with anticipation, takes a deep breath, opens the bedroom door, and goes: “Rrrraaaarrrraaaarrrraaaa!”

“Shhhhhh!” says his wife. “You’ll wake the children!”

So this is what has happened to you. Next time, please be a little more aware. Whenever you feel powerful, remember: this power can be lost very easily. And you have all the mechanism to lose it - your whole past is a leaking past. It is your past that has played a trick upon you, it is your past that has managed to befool you. By stopping the dog barking, or making a man run, it is your past that has befooled you.

You have run out of gas. Next time you feel powerful again, remain powerful - don’t use it at all. If you remain powerful, without using it.. The urge will be there; the urge can become very great, you can become very restless - because the power is there, and you can do something foolish with it. And all that you can do is foolish, it doesn’t matter what it is.

If you can keep yourself cool and calm, and the power remains and remains, and the urge goes to use it - then you really become powerful. And then that power is no more in the hands of the ego; it slips deeper. Then the ego is no more strengthened by it. In fact now it becomes your humbleness, your egolessness.

And when power becomes humble - when it becomes simple, egoless - then God starts functioning through you. When you are powerful, only then can you become a medium of God. You can become a vehicle.

Many lotuses are waiting to bloom in you, but they need power. Rather than stopping a dog barking, let the power go inside you, let it permeate your whole being. Many lotuses, a thousand and one lotuses, will flower in you. Don’t be foolish again. If it has happened once, it will happen again - there is no problem in it. Next time be a little more alert, aware. And don’t play into the hands of the unconscious.

Enough for today.