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Chapter 2: Bring the Other Two Buddhas Also!

That’s how when a boat is carried, the boat of Christ is carried, you become a Christian, not a Christ. If you drop the boat you become a Christ; if you carry the boat you become a Christian. If you drop the boat of Buddha you become a buddha yourself; if you carry the boat you become a Buddhist. Which is foolishness.

So don’t be one of those five idiots.

Love me only to drop me one day. And love me so deeply that you can drop without any grudge without any clinging without any complaint.

It looks difficult because you can understand love only in terms of attachment. You don’t know that love is deep unattachment. You can understand love only as possessiveness. You don’t know that love is the greatest freedom, non-possessiveness.

If you allow me to create the situation and you don’t create resistance, first you will start clinging to me - that’s how the journey starts, one has to enter the boat. But when the other shore is reached I will be the first to tell you to leave the boat completely and forget about it. The purpose is fulfilled. You move ahead.

The last step has to be taken in the divine, in God, and the master has to be dropped. The master is naught but a door.

Enough for today.