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Chapter 10: You Are Blessed

Mulla gave him a hundred rupee note and said “Take it, and while you are doing it, why not bury five? Remember, these scholars are very calculating and cunning people - bury them as deep as possible, otherwise they will come back. And if you need more money, come to me, don’t be shy about it!”

I am neither a scholar nor am I in any way respectful towards scholars or scholarship. That is all bullshit.

I was reading a beautiful poem by E.Y. Harburg. A few lines are of tremendous import. Meditate over them.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree;

And only God who makes the tree
Also makes the fools like me.

But only fools like me, you see,
Can make a God, who makes a tree.

I am tremendously ignorant, and I am happy as I am, and I have no idea to improve upon myself. So if sometimes you are in an awkward situation: somebody says that Osho has said this and this is not correct, it is your problem. Then your master is found faulty.you feel a little disturbed, your ego is hurt. As far as I am concerned I am perfectly okay. And I will continue to create problems for you! Now you find the answers. Invent something, be a little imaginative or inventive. When I can invent so much, why can’t you? You can find some esoteric, occult meaning in it. It is always easy: when you cannot find anything else, always try to find some esoteric, occult meaning in it - there must be.

The handsome, well-dressed man handed the poor beggar a five dollar bill. “Here, my good man” he said “eat your fill and there’s enough for a drink or two.”

The beggar entered Tony’s restaurant, where he ate the biggest dinner of his life and then topped it off with a bottle of wine and a big tip to Luigi, the waiter. “Ah” said the handsome, well-dressed stranger “it’s a good world. Everyone is happy. The poor beggar because he is no longer hungry, Tony because he has made a big sale, the waiter because he has received a nice tip. And me?.I’m happy too, because the bill was counterfeit.”

So make everybody happy. Create a few fictions, a few counterfeit bills; make everybody happy. The world is really beautiful.

Don’t be bothered too much about facts; there are none, all are fictions. Remember, all are fictions, even my being here and your being here is a tremendous fiction. Nothing ever happens. Truth is. All that happens is fictitious; history is a fiction because whatsoever is, is.nothing ever happens there. God has no history and God has no biography. God only is, there is no “was” and there is no “will be.” There is no past and no future.

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