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Chapter 10: Dissolve in My People

Now, the same kind of thing is being done by J. Krishnamurti: continuously emphasizing for fifty years that “I am not your guru.” But if you are not the guru, why go on emphasizing it for fifty years? There must be something in it. He is afraid, there is fear: he knows that he will be worshipped, he knows that there are already people who think of him as their guru. The more he freaks out, the more those fools think, “This is the real guru! Look how humble he is - no pretensions, no desire, no ambition to be holier-than-thou.” Ponder over it.

Krishnamurti is doing the same thing again that Buddha did. He is not at all original about it; it is an old game. In fact, people’s minds work in a strange way. God said to Adam and Eve, “Don’t eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge,” and they ate it. The moment you say no, something deep in the heart of man starts becoming interested; a great curiosity arises. So I am not saying to anybody, “Please don’t worship me.”

And when I am not there, what can I do? Fools are fools. Whether they worship me or somebody else will not make much difference. If they want to worship they will worship.

And, have you pondered over who these people are who ask you this question? They must be Hindus, Mohammedans, Christians, Jainas, Buddhists, Krishnamurti-ites. Who are these people? If they are so concerned about me, have they dropped Krishna? Have they dropped Mohammed? Have they dropped Buddha? If they were honest and sincere they would have dropped all the religions. But they go on carrying their Bibles, their Zendavestas, their Vedas, their Mahaviras, their Zarathustras, and still they are concerned only about me. And what are their institutions? What is Hinduism? or Islam? or Jainism? or communism for that matter?

Every institution is bound to be dead, only a man is alive. No institutions are ever alive. How can an institution be alive? By its very nature, it is going to be dead.

So next time these people ask you the question, you ask them: who are you? Do you belong to any institution, to any religion, to any theology, to any philosophy? If you belong, then you don’t have the right to ask the question. And if you don’t belong, then you will not need to ask the question: you will see the point that the intelligent people will never fall for dead institutions. But the unintelligent are bound to live in institutions - there is no way you can change the label. And you are living in a thousand and one kinds of institutions.

What is marriage? - an institution. And only insane people live in institutions. Marriage is dead. What is your family, and what is your nation, and what is your race? - all institutions. But this is a strange thing: that people go on asking these questions without ever thinking that these questions are pointing towards themselves.

As far as I am concerned, I am not at all interested in the next moment. Even if this sentence remains incomplete, I will not make any effort to complete it. I will not even put a full point to it. I have no desire to dominate, but I cannot go on saying to people, “Don’t worship me,” because that is the way to create worship.

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