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Chapter 26: Enlightenment Is You Completely Gone

Don’t follow your fear instinct, because that is going to make you a coward. It degrades your humanity. It is a humiliation imposed by yourself. Whenever you see some fear, go against it! A simple criterion: whenever you see there is fear, go against it and you will be always moving, growing, expanding, coming closer to the moment when ego simply drops - because its whole functioning is through fear. And the absence of the ego is enlightenment; it is not something plus.

Enlightenment is not something plus added to you. Enlightenment is you completely gone.

It is a minus phenomenon; you are no longer there. It does not happen to you, it happens when you are no longer hindering it, when you are not. That’s why I call enlightenment a psychological suicide.

Just a simple principle: remember, anything that makes you afraid, fearful, is a clear indication of what you have to do. You have to do just the opposite. You are not to become a follower of fear, you have to fight your fear. The moment you decide to fight your fear, you are on the way towards enlightenment.

What is the fear of not being a Christian? It is the fear that on the Day of Judgement Jesus will not choose you, because Jesus has said to the fools who had gathered around him.. And I don’t see a single intelligent man around Jesus Christ; those were simply fools. And he was saying the same conspiracy to them, that: “Accept me the only-begotten son of God, believe in me, and on the Last Judgment Day, standing by the side of God, I will choose my sheep.”

But it is really ugly: the very idea that he becomes the shepherd and reduces you to being a sheep. Even a camel is better! The most important thing about the sheep is fear. Sheep never move alone; they are always moving in a crowd, in a herd. Lions never move in a herd; they move alone. But he is promising you that he will choose you and you will enter into paradise with him. And those who are not with him will fall into hell.

You have heard it from your very childhood, it has become your conditioning. Otherwise what is the fear? In fact it is an insult to be a sheep; Jesus is insulting you. But you are accepting the insult because he is also promising you paradise, and he was talking to the Jews who are perfect businessmen. This calculation could have easily been made, that: “It is worthwhile, a bargain. Just be a sheep, and accept this fellow as the shepherd! We are not losing anything; we are gaining paradise, very simply very easily.”

But no sheep has any future, no sheep can become enlightened. And anybody who is trying to make you a sheep and become your shepherd is your enemy and not your friend.

I am not your shepherd, you are not my sheep. I am not holier-than-thou; I am just one of you. A little difference, a very little difference - that I have not followed my fear instinct. I have taken just the opposite direction. And strangely enough, your fear is significant in this way: it gives you the direction where you have to go. So anything that you are clinging to out of your fear, drop it Just don’t think twice: drop it and do everything that your fear prevents you from doing. And soon you will find that your ego is gone.