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Chapter 17: The Manifestation of the Invisible

So this sutra says that there is no law. No law can be framed, no guideline can be given. One cannot be told how to enter the temple. Yes, only this much can be said: that whatsoever you have learned up until now from the world of duality will have to be left at the threshold. At the entrance to the temple only a negative guideline can be given. This is why the Upanishads say, neti-neti - not this, not that. This statement can be made only at the threshold of the temple. Beyond this, nothing can be said.

Neti-neti means it is not this, but it is not that either. Whatever you can say, it is not that. You have to deny everything; nothing that belongs to you can remain with you. Whatever you may have learned from the world, from all your experiences, proves to be useless: leave it all at the door. Don’t try to bring any of it with you when you are about to enter - otherwise you will never be able to enter.

So if there is any rule, it will only be one of negation: to leave all that you have learned at the door, to become totally ignorant, innocent, like a piece of blank paper; as if you have never ventured into the world, as if you have never learned anything, as if you have never lived, as if you are totally raw, as if you have not even had a trace of experience. With such purity, enter the temple. This purity can only be defined in negative terms: that you have wiped away whatever you may have learned. Because what you have learned from the world of duality cannot be taken with you inside the temple. And if you try to save even a small part, you will not be able to enter the temple, you will not even be able to find the door. No laws can be framed, no guidelines can be given. No maps of any kind can be given to you that would be useful inside the temple of the divine, that would tell you that these are the paths that you can travel on.

This should be rightly understood.

The sky of consciousness is, in a way, very similar to the outer sky. If you walk on the earth, marks are made, footprints are made. But when birds fly in the sky, no trace is left. On the earth there are paths, but in the sky no paths exist. Those who may have gone before you leave no trace behind for you to follow. There are no footprints in the temple of God, in the ultimate experience of awareness, in the ultimate experience of consciousness. Buddha walked there, Jesus walked there, but they have left no footprints.

That is why no map is possible. It cannot be said, “Just keep this map carefully and follow it, and you too will be able to enter.” Even your map will have to be left behind - because this is not the material world where maps can be used. Marks can be drawn on matter, but no marks can be made on the divine. You can draw lines on something which is tangible, but you cannot draw lines on the soul. This is why no road exists there, no guidelines are given. This is why no guidance of any kind can be given.

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