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Chapter 7: The Ego Is the Judas

Give your flowers to rebels who have failed, because they are the truly rebellious people.

A rebellious person remains individual; there is no other way. He flowers, he blooms, and disappears. He does not leave any trace behind of his success. In fact, there are no proofs to show that Jesus ever existed; except for the Gospel, which is a Christian document, there is no other proof that he ever existed. Nowhere else is he mentioned. How has it happened that such a great phenomenon has not left any footprints?

The greater the phenomenon, the lesser the footprints in history. The greater the phenomenon, the lesser the footprints in time. He succeeds in eternity; he fails in time. Those who succeed in time fail in eternity.

Give your flowers to those rebels who have failed..

And Jesus is the topmost failure in the world. He failed tremendously, he failed beautifully. He is a pinnacle of failure, the climax, because he is a rebel, not a revolutionary. Lenin succeeded, Gandhi succeeded, Mao succeeded; these are revolutionaries, they are not rebels. They all betrayed the revolution. Once a rebellion becomes a revolution, it is already on the path of betrayal.

If you really want to be a rebel - and that is the only way to be a religious person - then you have to be alone. Then you have to be an alone flame in the infinite darkness around; without any organization, without any establishment. You have to live alone. Only God is your companion, nobody else. And that too is not right to say, that God is your companion, because God is your innermost being.

Enough for today.