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Chapter 27: The Soul Is a Quest

“So tell me about this problem,” replies the therapist, preparing his notepad.

“What problem?” asks the man, puzzled.

We are in this forgetfulness, we are this forgetfulness.

I loved your question. You say, “As you drove away today I felt I am afraid of forgetting. Is there anything I need to remember?” You need to remember yourself. You need to become a flame of inner awareness -awareness so deep that even in dreams it will be present; an awareness so crystallized that even in deep sleep, dreamless sleep, it will be there burning like a light.

Even in deep sleep the man of awareness knows that he is fast asleep; that is part of his awareness. You don’t know, even while you are awake, that you are. The man of awareness knows, even while asleep, that he is.

Buddha’s chief disciple, Ananda, asked him once, “Bhagwan, a few things puzzle me very much, and one of the most puzzling things is this: that in the night I have watched you many times - it is so beautiful to watch you while you are asleep - but you always sleep in the same posture and you maintain the same posture from the beginning to the end. When you go to sleep you are in the same posture; in the night, many times I wake up and look at you, and you are in the same posture: the hand is resting in the same place, and the feet and the head. And in the morning also when I see you, you are in the same posture. How is this possible?”

Buddha said, “Because I remain awake. The body sleeps, but my own sleep is gone for ever. The body rests, but I am alert.”

This alertness is needed. This alertness will make you available to all the mysteries of existence. First become acquainted with the mystery that you are, then you have the master key: it can open all the locks of existence.

The third question:

I have fallen in love and suffered much. After listening to you I felt unwilling to let go of the dream that the deep rich experience my love affair brings will not ultimately lead to satisfaction. How can I go beyond this attachment that is so rich, yet so painful?

Love is both. It is rich and it is painful, it is agony and it is ecstasy - because love is the meeting of the earth and the sky, of the known and the unknown, of the visible and the invisible.

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