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Chapter 3: The Nature of Darkness and of Light

Once you understand that these are all darkness and your inner nature is that of light, things start changing. Then there is no sleep for you, only rest; then there is no death for you, only a change of clothes, of bodies, only a change of garments. But that can happen if you realize the inner flame, your nature, your innermost being.

Now we should enter the sutra:

The darkness of ages cannot shroud the glowing sun;
the long kalpas of samsara ne’er can hide the mind’s brilliant light.

Those who have awakened, they have come to realize that the darkness of ages cannot shroud the glowing sun.

You may have been wandering in darkness for millions of lives, but it cannot destroy your inner light because darkness cannot be aggressive. It is not. Something which is not, how can it be aggressive? Darkness cannot destroy light - how can darkness destroy light? Darkness cannot destroy even a small flame, darkness cannot jump on it, cannot be in conflict with it. How can darkness destroy a flame? How can darkness shroud a flame? It is impossible, it has never happened because it cannot happen.

But people go on thinking in terms of conflict: they think darkness is against light. This is absurd! Darkness cannot be against light. How can the absence be against that of which it is the absence? Darkness cannot be against light, there is no fight in it; it is simply the absence, sheer absence, sheer impotency - how can it attack?

You go on saying, “What could I do? I had an attack of anger” - it is impossible; “I had an attack of greed” - it is impossible. Greed cannot attack; anger cannot attack. They are of the nature of darkness, and your being is light; the very possibility doesn’t exist. But anger comes, that shows only that your inner flame has been completely forgotten, you have become completely oblivious of it, you don’t know it is there. This forgetfulness can shroud it, but not darkness.

So the real darkness is your forgetfulness, and your forgetfulness can invite anger, greed, lust, hate, jealousy - they don’t attack you. Remember, you send the invitations first and they accept it. Your invitation is there; they cannot attack, they come as invited guests. You may have forgotten that you ever invited them. You can forget because you have forgotten yourself; you can forget anything.

Forgetfulness is the real darkness. And in forgetfulness everything happens. You are just like a drunkard: completely forgotten yourself, who you are, where you are going, for what you are going. All direction is lost; the very sense of direction is not there. You are like a drunkard. That’s why all basic religious teachings insist on self-remembering. Forgetfulness is the disease, then self-remembering is going to be the antidote.

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