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Chapter 10: Déjà Vu: A Small Fragment from the Past

When you are utterly silent and your ego is absolutely absent, the two flames of the master and the disciple become one. Then they dance hand in hand, then their eyes see into each other - the same source of life, the same mystery, the same spring, eternal spring; the same flowers, the same mysteries.

This is called communion. You can get the feel of who you are, in communion with someone who has already reached there.

The authentic master does not pretend to be superior to you; all that he can say is, “I am a little ahead of you.” Just a little time gap.which does not make the disciple inferior. You started late; you will reach a little later, but in the eternity of existence nothing is late. It does not matter when you reach. What matters is that you are on the right track. Then the final illumination is going to happen. And if you have seen a man who is already illuminated, he has given you the evidence of your own future. He has proved everything that you need. This creates a trust.

And remember, I make a great difference between belief, faith and trust. Belief is not trust, it is just to repress your doubts. Faith is the whole system of all your beliefs together. In a very systematic way, logical way, all beliefs are connected together and then it becomes your faith, your religion. Trust is just the opposite. It is not to repress your doubt, it is a spontaneous uprising in you, when there is no doubt. The question of repressing doubt does not arise; you have simply come in contact and you have felt your heart beating in the same tune, in a deep synchronicity with the master.

It is a heartfelt experience; you know reality cannot be otherwise. Although you have not reached yet, you are on the right path. Your hand is in hands which are pouring their warmth and love, and making you courageous enough to take the quantum leap from the question to a no-answer experience. Your question was asking for the answer, but there is no answer as such.

Experience is the answer, you are the answer. Only your transformation of consciousness is going to quench your thirst.

One Sunday morning, a young black woman who needed forgiveness for her sins came to a Baptist church. She got up in front of the congregation and stated, “Last week I slept with a young soldier and I now ask the Lord’s forgiveness.”

“Hallelujah!” cried the congregation.

“Two days ago,” she continued, “I slept with a young sailor, but now I ask the Lord’s forgiveness.”

“Hallelujah!” cried the congregation again.

“But tonight, because I came here and done my penance, I will sleep with the Lord.”

But before the congregation could respond, an old drunk yelled out in a clear voice, “That’s right, mama, make love to them all!”

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