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Chapter 7: I Teach Death

And remember someone who becomes inimical to any one side of a duality, causes the other side to become dull and faded as well. One who is against showing anger, his forgiveness will be impotent. The strength of forgiveness lies in anger; only one who can be angry has the power to be forgiving. The more fierce the anger, that much greater will be the magnanimity of forgiveness. The power of anger itself will lend luster to the act of forgiveness. In the absence of anger, the forgiveness will appear totally lackluster, absolutely lifeless, dead.

If a person’s sex is destroyed - and there are means to destroy sex - then remember, that will not make him a brahmachari, a celibate, he will simply turn into an impotent person. And there is a fundamental difference between these two things. There are ways to do away with sex, but a man cannot become a brahmachari by doing away with sex, he can only become impotent. By transforming sex, by accepting it, by moving its energy toward a higher level, one can certainly attain brahmacharya. But remember, the brilliance you see in the eyes of a brahmachari, a celibate, is the brilliance of sex energy itself. The energy is the same, but transformed.

What I am saying is that what we call opposites are not opposites - life consists of a very mysterious order. In this mysterious order opposites have been created so that things can exist. You must have seen a heap of bricks piled up in front of a house under construction. All the bricks are the same. Then the architect, the engineer, in order to make an arch for a doorway in the house, lays the bricks in opposing order. The bricks are the same, but making the doorway he places them opposite each other so they can hold each other. He wouldn’t be able to make the arch if he placed them in the same order - the doorway would fall immediately.

Bricks laid in the same order carry no strength; there is no resistance in them. Wherever resistance occurs a strength is created. All strength comes with opposition; all energy is produced from friction. In life, the principle of polarity is behind the creation of energy, power. The bricks are all alike, but they are placed in opposite order.

Existence, the divine architect of life, is very intelligent. It knows that life will become cold immediately, that it will dissolve right away if the bricks are not laid in opposition to each other. So it has placed anger opposite forgiveness, sex opposite brahmacharya and, because of the resistance present between them, an energy is created. And that energy is life. Existence has put the bricks of birth and death together, facing each other, and through both a gateway to life is created. There are people who say, “We will only accept the brick of life, we won’t accept the brick of death.” That’s fine. Suit yourself. But if you don’t accept death you will die that very moment, because then all the bricks that are left will be alike. Only the bricks of life will be left - and they will collapse right away.

This mistake has been repeated many a time. For the last ten thousand years man has been badly afflicted with and troubled by this mistake. He insists on placing bricks that are all alike; he doesn’t want opposing bricks. “Remove the polarity,” he says. He says, “If we believe in God, then that’s all we’ll believe in. Then we won’t believe in sansara, in the mundane world.

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