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Chapter 8: There Is Nothing More Pure than Sex

That’s how guilt arises. Small incidents go on collecting, go on collecting - then guilt becomes your natural style. People are simply guilty. Don’t ask why. Your whole past is the why. And you will have to drop the whole past otherwise you will never be able to get rid of guilt. And unless you get rid of guilt you cannot find God. A guilty heart cannot pulsate with God.

That’s exactly what has been denied by your priests. They always say that a guilty person, a repentant person, a person who confesses his sin and this and that comics closer to God. No a person who drops all guilty ideas and starts enjoying life as it is, has no guilty conscience in him, comes close to God. Don’t confess. Drop the very idea of guilt and start living.

In the beginning you will be very afraid. In the beginning the parents will pull, but if you persist you can get freedom. This freedom is a must. If you really want to be religious this freedom has to be really foundational.

There was a spinster who had a parrot, and it swore and used some terrible expressions. When the Vicar called she covered it up for shame, and the Vicar inquired the reason.

“I couldn’t repeat it,” she said, but the Vicar pulled the cover off, and that wicked bird let out a mouthful.

“I’ll have to have his neck pulled, the villain!” said the spinster.

“Certainly not, Miss Tavvinitt,” he said, “I have a lady parrot, a parrot of the utmost virtue, who prays by day and night. I’m sure that if we put them together she will reform him.”

This was agreed upon, and the following day Miss Tavvinitt took her bird round to the Vicarage, and he was put in the cage with the devout lady parrot.

Immediately he misbehaved, shouting, “Lift your tail up, come on, I want to make love to you, what are we waiting for!”

Before the Vicar and the spinster could do a thing about it, the lady parrot replied, “What the bloody hell d’you think I’ve been praying for all these years?”

Don’t go on praying - live life. Live it as God gives it to you, live it without guilt, live it courageously.

And the last question:

Do you partake of intoxicating beverages?

How can I answer this question? - because before I answer I must know if it is an inquiry or an invitation!

Enough for today.