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Chapter 9: What Can Man Offer?

If your mind can be arrowed constantly, continuously towards That, you have offered yourself. But because mind has a freedom it is very difficult to tether it somewhere. The very nature of it is freedom, so the moment you try to tether it, it rebels, it becomes rebellious.

It may follow you if you are not trying, but if you try, then it is bound to rebel because the very nature of mind is freedom. The moment you try to fix it somewhere, it rebels. This is natural. You can offer the mind, but it is not easy. It is the most difficult thing to offer the mind, and when I say, “Mind means freedom,” it becomes more difficult. You are trying to put your mind against its nature.

Concentration is against mind because you are trying to narrow it down somewhere - exclusively somewhere. But the mind is freedom, movement, a constant movement. It lives only when it moves. It is only when it is in movement. It is a dynamic force, so the moment you try to fix it you are trying something impossible. So what to do? The religious man has always tried to fix the mind towards the divine, and the more he tries to fix it, the more the mind goes to the Devil.

Jesus comes to meet the Devil. The Devil is nowhere except in the effort of Jesus to be constantly arrowed towards the divine. The Devil doesn’t exist. It is just that when you force your mind to be tethered somewhere, it creates the opposite in order to move. So you must understand the law of reverse effect. With the mind, that law is foundational. Whatsoever you try to do, the reverse will be the result. The reverse, the very reverse, will be the result. So try to arrow your mind towards God and you will come to face the Devil. The effect will be the reverse. Try to steer your mind and your mind will become anarchic, you will be encountering turmoil.

The more stillness is sought, the more unstill the mind becomes. The more you try to make it silent, the more noise it creates. The more you try to make it good, the more sins become tempting. This is the foundational law for the mind. It is as foundational with the mind as Newton’s Law is with physics: the law of reverse effect.

So whatsoever you are trying to force you will never achieve. You will achieve the reverse, and then a vicious circle is created. When you achieve the reverse, you begin to think that the reverse is so powerful that “I am to fight more.” The more you fight, the more powerful will be the reverse, the opposite. The opposite is not. You create it only because you try to tether your mind. It is a by-product - a by-product which comes only because you do not know the law. So what to do to offer the mind to the divine? If you choose the divine against something, you will never be able to offer.

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