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Chapter 10: The Eternal Religion

The first question:

We Indians know that we have been caught in serious diseases for centuries, but when such a great doctor like you refuses us, what will become of us?

I am not refusing anybody, but I have to refuse your diseases, certainly. I cannot accept your diseases - no physician can do that. And those who accept your diseases are your enemies. Your diseases have to be mercilessly destroyed, whoever you are - Indian, German, English. Diseases come in all forms, sizes and shapes. You may be a Hindu or a Christian or a Jew; it does not matter.

The whole past of humanity has been full of many fundamental errors, but they have existed for so long that they have become almost part of you. Hence the feeling that I reject you. I am simply rejecting the disease. but you are identified with the disease. You think your diseases, the sum total of your diseases, is what you are. That’s not true - you are not just your diseases. You are something beyond all that has happened to you in the whole past. All that has happened is only a conditioning; it can be dropped, it has to be dropped. Hence I condemn it, but your ego feels hurt. I cannot help; I cannot have any compassion for any kind of disease.

But when diseases exist for a long time and they are given from one generation to another generation they become very respectable. You forget that they are diseases; you start thinking that they are specialties to you.

For example, T.M. Ramachandran has asked: “Osho, why do you say that nothing has been happening in the East? Great, great things have been happening in the East as well. Is not Hinduism and its way of life the greatest religion in the world?”

And what is this “Hindu way of life?” It is utterly life-negative! Even to call it a way of life is not right. It can be called a way of death, but not a way of life. How anything life-negative can become a philosophy of life?

Hinduism teaches you to reject life, to renounce life. You worship the escapist people; you call them saints, mahatmas. Those who have gone against the world, those who have rejected the world, those who have condemned the world and all that it contains, they are thought to be people of God.

God exists in the manifest world as the unmanifest center of it all. The moment you reject the flower you also reject its fragrance; if you escape from the flower you are escaping from the fragrance too - and God is the fragrance of existence. Those who go against life are going basically against God.

You have heard the proverb: Man proposes and God disposes. Hinduism does just the opposite: God proposes, man disposes. It is God’s proposition - this existence, this life, but man disposes it.

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