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Chapter 6: The Christian Propaganda Machine

They have been given pensions and no work. Now what will they do with their money? They gamble, they drink, and in their drunkenness their whole life is wasted. And they go on creating more and more children, because each child brings more pension money.

They are uneducated, they are not allowed to enter into the mainstream world of America, and they are given so much money - such a cunning strategy. With so much money what will they do? They will gamble, they will rape, they will have prostitutes, they will drink their whole life away. They don’t think at all that America is theirs; they don’t have that much consciousness left. That’s why they cannot revolt. In fact, revolution will be dangerous to their pension.

So this is a far more sophisticated electric barbed wiring around them. They can’t even raise their voices for liberation, for freedom, because freedom will mean.who will give them the pensions without work? So it is better to keep silent and just go on drinking and raping and gambling. That is their whole life.

Much land was acquired by killing, but just to show it to the world, a few pieces of land were purchased. You will be surprised: they were purchased with a loaded gun at the chest of the man to whom the land belonged. This way New York was purchased for ninety dollars, the whole city of New York. Ninety dollars? Can you conceive of it? Just three hundred years before.. And most of the land that has been purchased has been purchased the same way as New York. But they had the satisfaction that they were paying for the land.

When I was investigated in America, they asked me questions. I had to answer them by other questions. I told the man, the chief of the immigration services, “What do you think about yourself? You are a foreigner, I am a foreigner. You are a little older foreigner - you came three hundred years ago, I am new - but don’t think that this land belongs to you. And who is to judge? - you?”

“You entered this country without any visa and without any entry permit, and you entered this country as invaders. I am entering this country with a visa, with an entry permit as a tourist. If you have any honesty, about which Christians claim so much, you should leave this country immediately! It is not your land, and your hands are covered in blood.”

“You are deceiving the whole world, and deceiving yourselves! You made the Constitution in somebody else’s land, and you talk about freedom? And you talk about freedom of speech, and you talk about respect for the individual: what have you done to the natives? That was respect?”

“Against your own Constitution you are keeping those people as slaves, and you are occupying their country. And you want me to ask for a permit to be a resident here? Foreigners asking foreigners?”

“And I have purchased the land! - and not like you. You have paid ninety dollars for New York. We have paid six million dollars for Rajneeshpuram” - and we invested in the commune three hundred million dollars - “and we have not invaded anybody.”

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