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Chapter 10: The Treasure of One’s Own Experience

For freedom of thought, a guarantee of freedom in the constitution is not enough. Freedom of thought is a very unique experiment. First of all you will have to become free of thoughts, because right now all the thoughts you have belong to others. First you will have to remove this rubbish of others’ thoughts from your mind.

This is what we have called dhyana, meditation, in this country.

Meditation means freedom from others’ thoughts. And then you become a blank paper, a plain, innocent child’s mind, which has no writing on it. And then from your innermost being start arising, waking, flowering, those thoughts that are called free thoughts. They do not come from the outside; they grow from within you. And when you have your own thoughts, then whether the governments talk of democracy or not, your thoughts will give you that much courage and strength that you can encounter the greatest of governments.

The power of one’s own thoughts is not smaller than any nuclear bomb. Rather it is more. After all, the nuclear bomb is the child of man’s thoughts too - a child of those people’s thoughts who could think for themselves. Its potentiality cannot be more than the potentiality of thoughts; it is, after all, the child of thoughts.

Democracy will be born the day meditation spreads all over the world. Without the thread of meditation spreading everywhere democracy is not possible. You may talk a millionfold about freedom, and about freedom of thought, but you just don’t have the capability to think freely. Hence, I want to teach you a science from its fundamental roots so that whether democracy comes into the world or not, at least within yourself comes freedom. And if the lamp is lit in one person, then from this lamp it becomes very easy for other lamps in other people to be lit.

One is not to pass on thoughts to others. If you can pass on meditation to others, then you have shared some love, some compassion; then you have given something worth giving. Then, thoughts will be born within the person of their own accord.

Democracy has failed in the whole world because its very first step has not been fulfilled. The first step is the thread of meditation. Meditation - and only meditation - gives birth to that shine in your eyes, that depth and intensity in your eyes, that sharpness in your vision, which cuts through all lies and uncovers and finds the truth - even if it is hidden under a million layers. And if thousands of people can become adept in meditation, there will be freedom of thought in the world. Out of that freedom of thought, democracy will be born.

No freedom of thought can be born out of democracy. Who will give birth to it? Worthless politicians create your constitution, then these same worthless politicians suck your blood in the name of democracy. It is a strange game that is going on in the world. You are being “served.” The old proverb is quite right: “He who serves receives rich dividends.” In search of that rich dividend people are willing even “to serve.”

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