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Chapter 4: When Death Is Taboo, Fear Uncoils

You don’t have any suppressions about sex, so fear will uncoil. The suppressed and tabooed thing is death, so you have to be deeply relaxed in allowing it. Once fear is allowed, it will soon become death; you will have to pass through a moment of death. Once sex and death are untabooed, man is free. These are the two tricks to create bondage for humanity. Once neither of these are there, you are freedom; not that you are free - you are freedom.

It has been good.allow it more.. If you allow, there is none - whatsoever is allowed disappears, because everything exists because of repression. If you repress something, it exists, you give it existence. If you allow it, by and by it disappears.


I haven’t felt like meditating regularly because I don’t feel like putting myself in a structure and making myself do anything.

It is good not to be in any structure, but you can only enjoy that freedom if you put yourself into a structure, otherwise not. You follow me? To be free of a structure is good, but you can only be free if you are in a structure.

So first be in a structure, and then be free of them. First discipline yourself, and then be out of it - otherwise you will never know what freedom is. To know freedom, one should live in a prison for a few days - just as part of a growth process. Then you will really know the taste of it, because it is only through the contrast that it can be known.

So if you listen to me, for one month you will put yourself in a structure. Just follow the whole routine and don’t listen to the mind that says to do whatsoever you like. After one month I will make you free.then you will know the taste of freedom, otherwise not.

License is not freedom; license is nothing. But freedom is a great achievement which is attained only through discipline. It is not only discipline, but it is achieved through discipline.

First one has to come to one’s self - then freedom is beautiful. Then you can be spontaneous and never allow any structure to settle around you. But first be yourself. Your mind is not you, and the spontaneity of your mind is not your spontaneity - it is a bondage of the mind. And mind itself is a great prison.

So for one month do all the meditations, and do the next camp completely. And every morning, whether the talk is Hindi or English, you have to be there. If it is a Hindi talk, simply listen to my sound - and sometimes it goes deeper than any understanding. Because you cannot understand the language, you have just to listen to the sound; it becomes a meditation. So every morning you have to be there - no talk is to be missed. And morning and evening, no meditation is to be missed, mm?

Start tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the twentieth, so next twentieth I will make you free! One month be really a prisoner, right? - and happily, because it is going to give you much!