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Chapter 25: We Cannot Be Otherwise

The mind has the capacity to dream of faraway things. You sleep in the night in your bedroom and you can dream of being on the moon. Do you think if you are suddenly awakened you will ask, “How to get home? - because I am on the moon.” If you are suddenly awakened you will not be on the moon, you will be in your bed. You have never been on the moon. Even when you were dreaming that you were on the moon, you were not on the moon. The moon was a dream, your being on it was a dream; you were on your bed, in your bedroom.

The mind has the capacity to go far away. So once in a while when it is not far away.when something very striking brings it back to herenow - a beautiful sunset, a beautiful painting, a great dance, anything that pulls it back - because something so enchanting is happening here that it cannot wander out here and there, it has to rush home.. That’s why at the moment of seeing a sunset or listening to music, you feel a certain oneness. It is so fulfilling, so satisfying that you would like it to persist every moment, forever. And the joke is that it persists every moment, eternally. You just go on, here and there, again and again forgetting about it. You have to be brought back.

Once you have understood the basic situation, then there is no need for anything. Just close your eyes and feel now and here, and suddenly existence opens its doors. You have always been part of it. You are part of it. You cannot be otherwise.

All my life, including my years of being a sannyasin, I have never had a questioning attitude. This has not worried me up to date, but now since you have been inviting us to ask you questions, I wonder if it is okay that I am quite empty?

It is absolutely okay.

My love for freedom makes me always give to my beloveds all the freedom I possibly can. So often, I put myself into an uncomfortable situation where I get hurt. Does this mean I don’t love myself so much, and that’s why I put myself second?

It may be much more complicated than you think.

First, the very idea that you give freedom to your beloved is wrong. Who are you to give freedom to your beloved? You can love, and your love implies freedom. It is not something that has to be given. If it has to be given, then there will be the problems that you are facing.

So in the first place you are doing something wrong. You really don’t want to give freedom; you would love that no such situation arises in which you have to give freedom. But you have heard me saying again and again that love gives freedom, so you force yourself unconsciously to give freedom, because otherwise your love is not love.

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