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Chapter 1: You Are Always on the Funeral Pyre

He is not a theist. And remember: he is not an atheist either - because, he says, a few people believe that there is God and a few people believe that there is no God, but both are believers. His nonbelief is so deep that even those who say there is no God and believe in it, are not acceptable to him. He says that just to say there is no God makes no difference. If you remain childish, you will create another source of God.

For example, Karl Marx declared: “There is no God,” but then he created a god out of history. History becomes the god; the same function is being done now by history that was done previously by the concept of God. What was God doing? God was the determining factor; God was the managing factor. It was God who was deciding what should be and what should not be. Marx dropped the idea of God, but then history became the determining factor, then history became the fate, then history became kismet - then history is determining. Now what is history? And Marx says communism is an inevitable state. History has determined that it will come, and everything is determined by history. Now history becomes a super-God.

But somebody to determine is needed. Man cannot live with indeterminate reality. Man cannot live with reality as it is: chaotic, accidental. Man cannot live with reality without finding some idea which makes it meaningful, relevant, continuous, which gives it a shape which reason can understand; which can be dissected, analyzed, into cause and effect.

Freud dropped the idea of God, but then the unconscious became the God - then everything is determined by the unconscious of man, and man is helpless in the hands of the unconscious. Now these are new names for God; it is a new mythology.

The Freudian psychology is a new mythology about God. The name is changed, but the content remains the same; the label has changed, the old label has been dropped; a fresh, newly painted label has been put on it - it can deceive people who are not very alert. But if you go deeper into Freudian analysis you will immediately see that now the unconscious is doing the same work that God used to do.

So what is wrong with poor God? If you have to invent something, and man has always to be determined by something - history, economics, unconscious, this and that - if man cannot be free, then what is the point of changing mythologies, theologies? It makes not much difference.

You may be a Hindu, you may be a Mohammedan, you may be a Christian, you may be a Jew - it makes not much difference. Your mind remains childish, you remain immature. You remain in search, you continue to search for a father-figure: someone somewhere who can explain everything, who can become the ultimate explanation.

The mature mind is one who can remain without any search, even if there is no ultimate explanation of things.

That’s why Buddha says: I am not a metaphysician. He has no metaphysics. Metaphysics means the ultimate explanation about things - he has no ultimate explanation. He does not say, “I have solved the mystery.” He does not say, “Here I hand over to you what truth is.”

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