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Chapter 2: Jesus Is Very Paradoxical

For there shall be five in a house. This is a parable: in your body there are “five in the house”: the five senses, the five indriyas. Really, deep down you have five bodies, because each sense has its own center, and each sense goes on manipulating you in its own direction. The eye says, “Look at the beauty”; the hand says, “Touch, it is so lovable.” The eye is not at all interested in touch; the hand is not at all interested in looking at a beautiful person, a beautiful body or a beautiful tree.

All five senses exist as five separate centers and your mind is just a coordinator; it goes on coordinating between the five. When you look at me and you hear me, you hear from the ears and you look from the eyes. Eyes never hear, ears never look; then how do you conclude that you hear the same person you see? How can you conclude? The mind goes on coordinating. It is a computer: whatsoever the eyes feed in, whatsoever the ears feed in, it combines and gives you the conclusion.

The method of friction which Gurdjieff used, which Jesus used.. And those who know the innermost secret story of Jesus’ life say that he was not crucified, but that he managed to be crucified, just like Gurdjieff. He managed to be crucified: it was a drama that he arranged.

Those who were crucifying him thought they were killing him, but such a man as Jesus cannot be forced to die. He could have escaped very easily, for it was well known that he was to be caught. He could have moved away from the capital or away from the country, there was no problem, but he came to the capital. It is said that he enacted the whole thing, and that Judas was not his enemy but his friend who helped, who helped Jesus to be caught. The whole thing was managed and controlled by him.

What happened on the cross was the last inner war, the last and greatest friction. When he was dying - but not losing trust in the divine when the earth was falling back to the earth; when the division was absolute, total - he was not identified at all. He allowed it.

Gurdjieff used to say that this crucifixion of Jesus was a drama, and that really, the author of the drama was neither Pontius Pilate nor the high priest of the Jews, but Jesus himself. He managed it, and he managed it so beautifully that even up to now it has not been discovered - not exactly - what happened and how.

You cannot imagine managing your own crucifixion, but that is what religion is: managing your own crucifixion. Going to the cross means going to the climax of friction, where death is.

Jesus says:

For there shall be five in a house: three shall be against two and two against three.

A friction has to be created. The senses have to fight and the fight has to be made conscious. They continuously fight but the fight is not conscious; you are fast asleep and the fight goes on. The eye is continuously fighting the ear, the ear is continuously fighting the eye because they are competitors.