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Chapter 10: Understanding Is Transcendence

Broadly speaking, as I understand it, there are two sets of rules: one for the outer world - which is the man-made world concerned with earning money, rearing children, driving on a certain side of the road - and a different set of rules for the inner world, for example, hypnosis, telepathy, mind-reading and so on to attain inner growth of consciousness, leading finally to samadhi, enlightenment, nirvana.
To live here, both rules have to be followed, and so it appears to me that friction is created. To my surprise, a Fukuoka of Japan is doing what he calls “no-farming,” or doing-nothing farming - no ploughing, no weeding, no fertilization, no pesticides - and he has had the highest yield in the last 25 years. Is such a thing also possible in other areas of activity such as business, medical practice, legal practice, service, etc? Is synchronization to some extent possible?
Osho, can you please enlighten me?

There are many questions in your one question. I will have to take all those questions one by one, only then a satisfactory answer is possible.

First you say, “It is my understanding” - it is not. It is only your thinking, and that’s the reason why the friction is felt. The friction is symbolic: you are misunderstanding thinking for understanding.

Thinking is of the mind. Understanding is of the beyond. So the first thing to be noted is that to attain to understanding one has not to become a very keen thinker. On the contrary, one has to become a no-thinker. In the state of non-thinking blossoms the flowers of understanding. Then there is no friction.

Right now you are dividing life into two kinds of rules, the outer rules and the inner rules. But this is not your vision, this is not your seeing, this is your thinking. And thinking is dualistic; the outer and the inner are categories of thinking. For understanding, there is nothing outer and nothing is inner. Existence simply is.

Or, you can say the inner and the outer are nothing but two sides of the same coin, inseparable. The question of friction does not arise, even separation is impossible. But mind lives on friction; its whole existence is that of continuous struggle, struggle against itself.

The man of understanding knows no outer, no inner. He knows only a transcendental awareness in which all outer, all inner is dissolved - and resolved.

A Japanese king went to see Lin Chi, a famous master of his time. Just as he entered the forest in which Lin Chi lived with his disciples he saw a woodcutter. Naturally he asked him, “Where can I find the master?”

For a moment the woodcutter stopped and told him, “It is here,” and again he started cutting.

The man thought, “He looks crazy.I don’t see anybody here, and this man cannot be Lin Chi. A world-famous master is not going to cut wood in the hot sun.”

Thinking that it was useless to ask him more, the king started moving farther on his way. The woodcutter laughed and he said, “It seems you can only meet him on the inner, not on the outer.”

The king was a little afraid. That man had an axe in his hand.and was talking such nonsense. He said, “I will find my way. Please don’t get excited about it; you just do your work.”

When he reached Lin Chi’s house he was surprised. The man who was sitting there in the master’s robe was exactly like the woodcutter. He said, “I am puzzled; do you have a twin brother?”

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