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Chapter 30: Friendliness Rises Higher than Love

Friendship is a prison. Friendliness is absolute freedom: you give out of your abundance; it is not a need. Of course, existence understands that the person who is giving without any demands is a rare being. Existence takes care of your needs, but they are not demanded. Even if it does not fulfill your needs, it simply shows that deep down in your unconscious you are clinging to the idea of friendship. Only fools can be deceived just by changing the words.

Existence is so abundant; just don’t ask.

Because Kahlil Gibran remained a Christian. Although he was a great intellectual, he was not a meditator. He is repeating Jesus Christ in different words; Jesus says, “Ask and it shall be given.” He reduces you into a beggar. I say unto you, “Never ask and you will receive it. Ask and you are not going to get it.” Your very asking is ugly.

Jesus says, “Seek and you will find.” I say to you, “Just be silent, a nobody, and existence will pour into you from all directions” - because the man who seeks is still seeking decorations for his ego, and existence does not understand the language of ego. No tree is an egoist, no mountain is an egoist, no bird is an egoist, but existence goes on and on giving them all that they need or even more than they need.

Jesus says, “Knock and the door shall be opened.” These are superficial statements, because I know there is no door where you can knock. God is all over the place. Don’t knock - that is violence. Just wait.

Your waiting - you will be mature in your waiting. You will become capable of receiving, open. God always comes as a gift. God always comes to the emperors, not to the beggars. You need not go to God - and even if you want to, where are you going to find him? He can find you because he is the whole.

Neither ask nor seek nor knock on the door - trust. If you are worthy, ripe, the spring is bound to come with thousands of flowers in your being.

Your friend is your needs answered. The statement is Jewish, business-like. Love is not a business. Love is the song of your soul. Friendship is the fragrance of that love, and winds will carry it over the seas, over the mountains to the faraway stars.

Love is not getting. Love is giving - and so is friendliness.

He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.

Sounds good; Kahlil Gibran is a genius in finding beautiful words, but he knows nothing. Even behind his beautiful words and poetry there is darkness, unconsciousness. He is your field. A friend is your field? You are going to exploit the field by sowing with love? It does not matter: your love is not for the friend, your love is for reaping the crop.

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