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Chapter 41: The Salt of the Earth

Up to now society has been forcing such people to commit suicide, which is ugly. And the responsibility is of the society because the society does not provide proper means for a man to have a beautiful death.

I am in favor of beautifying everything - death included.

When you said that there are no ghosts, it is only man’s fear, I thought, “Well, that’s that; there are no ghosts. Osho says so.”
I was happy to believe you and put the matter aside, comforted that I knew something for sure. But this is belief. You have told us not to believe blindly. And my experience with ghosts is not connected with fear but with friendliness. I feel I am now in a predicament. I have pulled a nail out of your neem tree. Please help!

Chetana, if you have friendly experiences of ghosts then ghosts exist. Friends are such a valuable thing that even if ghosts need to exist for friendship, they have to be allowed to exist! If you are having friendly relationships, that’s great.

Just Milarepa has to be afraid now.

Do you think Milarepa is a ghost? Poor Milarepa, he is a real man.

And if you have other ghosts as friends then he should be alert.