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Chapter 23: Love: Not a Relationship but a State of Being

And, just as when they were imagining love, they were appreciating me, not knowing me at all, now they are condemning me. And to condemn me they are creating lies - and perhaps in absolute unawareness. Just as they believed their imagination before, the same game continues; still they go on believing in their lies. I have been asked to refute them. That is not possible. I have loved them; they have been my disciples. It is below me to criticize their lies or to expose their lies.

That’s why I want you to remember: don’t have any expectations. Love because love is your own inner growth. Being loving, you are calling your spring closer. Your love will help you to grow towards more light, towards more truth, towards more freedom. But don’t create a relationship.

“Nevertheless, when you stand before us, dancing, I feel like a fountain that leaps into life at the sight of you, and tumbles to your feet as if it knows that is where it belongs.” I have not been prohibiting you. If love comes as a spontaneity, suddenly, like a fountain, asking nothing in return, then it is one of the greatest treasures.

“I know my love is riddled with all sorts of undesirable things, but it rushes towards you without even stopping to ask my permission.” Love is a fire. The more pure it is.all the riddles, all the problems will be burned. It is love as relationship which will go on creating more problems, “riddled with all sorts of undesirable things.” But a spontaneous love is a totally different thing. We don’t have another word, that is the difficulty.

“Osho, please excuse the mess. But I just can’t help it.” There is no need to be worried about the mess. Just remember one thing: love is capable of destroying everything else, just don’t let it become a relationship - then love will disappear, and in the name of love, domination, politics will take place. Then problems will go on increasing.

I am against all kinds of relationships. For example, I don’t like the word friendship, but I love the word friendliness. Friendliness is a quality in you, friendship again becomes a relationship.

Maneesha, there is nothing wrong with love. In fact, without love everything is wrong. But love is so valuable that it should be protected from any kind of pollution, contamination, any kind of poisoning. Relationship poisons it. I want the world to consist of individuals. Even to use the word couple hurts me. You have destroyed two individuals, and a couple is not a thing of beauty.

Let the world be only of individuals, and whenever love spontaneously blossoms, sing it, dance it, live it; don’t create chains out of it. Neither try to hold somebody in bondage, nor allow anybody to hold you in bondage.

A world consisting only of free individuals will be a truly free world.

It is one of the greatest needs of man to be needed. Hence I cannot conceive of any time when love will not be in existence. As long as there are human beings, love will remain their most cherished experience. And it is something that is available on the earth, but does not belong to the earth. It gives you wings to fly like an eagle across the sun.

Without love you are without wings.

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