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Chapter 24: Session 24

“Eight twenty-seven, Osho.”

Eight twenty-seven? Look, I am a Jew - I still saved a few minutes. I believe your watch, but I will speak just a few minutes longer.

From love to friendship, and from friendship to friendliness - that can be said to be my whole religion. Friendship is again a “ship,” a relation-ship, a certain bondage.very subtle, more subtle than love, but it is there; and with it all the jealousies and all the diseases of love also. They have come in a very subtle form. But friendliness is freedom from the other, hence there is no question of relationship.

Love is toward the other, so is friendship. Friendliness is only an opening of your heart to existence. Suddenly, at a particular moment, you may be opening it to a man, to a woman, a tree, to a star.at the beginning you cannot just open it to the whole of existence. Of course in the end you have to open your heart to the whole, simultaneously, unaddressed to anybody. That is the moment. let us just call it the moment. Let us forget the words enlightenment, buddhahood, Christ consciousness, just let us call it THE MOMENT - write it in capitals.

It has been so good. I know there is time, but it has been so beautiful, and with anything beautiful - more should never be asked for. The more destroys.