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Chapter 10: The Fragrance of Friendliness

Noble thoughts are simply noble chains, noble prisons, noble poisons. Every thought has to be dropped. Whether it is good or bad - that is immaterial. You have to rise into a state of thoughtlessness. That state is the only nobility in the world. That is the only authentic spirituality.

But the moment you go beyond thought, you are no longer a Christian, no longer a Hindu, no longer a Jew, no longer a Buddhist - because all these are thoughts. To be a Hindu means you have certain kinds of thoughts; to be a Mohammedan means you have chosen a different collection of thoughts. What is the difference between a Hindu and a Christian? - just the thoughts. Once they both go beyond thoughts, what will be the difference? In the silences of the heart, everybody is exactly the same open sky, without any clouds.

A few sutras for your meditation. You need them urgently, because you are reading the wrong kind of literature.

The first sutra: “Not all saints are playing a practical joke on the public. Some are genuinely mad.”

Second: “If everyone does what they believe to be right, there will be assuredly utter chaos in the world.”

Third: “If you see the good in everybody, you are an optimist or you may be simply nuts.”

Fourth: “Just when I nearly had the answer, I forgot the question.”

What is real authentic friendliness?

The question you have asked is very complex. You will have to understand a few other things before you can understand what real authentic friendliness is.

The first is friendship. Friendship is love without any biological tones to it. It is not the friendship that you understand ordinarily - the boyfriend, the girlfriend. To use the word friend in any way associated with biology is sheer stupidity. It is infatuation and madness. You are being used by biology for reproduction purposes. If you think you are in love, you are wrong; it is just hormonal attraction. Your chemistry can be changed and your love will disappear. Just an injection of hormones and a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man.

Friendship is love without any biological tones. It has become a rare phenomenon. It used to be a great thing in the past, but a few great things in the past have completely disappeared. It is a very strange thing that ugly things are stubborn, they don’t die easily; and beautiful things are very fragile, they die and disappear very easily.

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