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Chapter 5: Sickmindedness

The second layer is of roles and games. The first layer has no contact with life, the second layer sometimes can have glimpses. In the second layer are: I am the husband, you are the wife; or, I am the wife, you are the husband; I am the father, you are the child; I am the President of the United States, the Queen of England, or Chairman Mao Tse tung, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, all the politicians of the world - they live on the second, the layer of role playing.

Everybody goes on thinking that he is the greatest man in the world. Just the other day one sannyasin was saying to me that he dreamt that he is the greatest man in the world. I told him: Don’t be puzzled, everybody dreams the same - the greatest man in the world, the greatest poet, the greatest philosopher, greatest this and that.. The layer of the ego - the second layer.

You go on playing roles. You continuously have to change your role. You are sitting in your room and the servant enters; you have to change your role to the role of the master, the bully. You look at the servant as if he is not a human being. The boss! - You are the boss, and he is a nonentity. And then your boss enters - suddenly the role changes. Now you are nobody, you are wagging your tail, the boss has come and you are standing..

Continuously twenty-four hours a day in each relationship you have a different role to play. Nothing wrong in it, a beautiful drama - if you are not stuck in it. It needs to be played, life is a great drama. In East we have called it the leela of the divine, the play of God.

It is a play; one has to play many roles but one need not become fixed in any role. And, one should remain always free of all roles; roles should be like clothes - you can any time jump out of them. If that capability is retained, you are not stuck, then you can play a role - nothing is wrong in it. As far as it goes it is beautiful, but if it becomes your life and you don’t know anything beyond, then it is dangerous. Then you go on playing a thousand and one games in life and you never come in contact with life. Fritz Perls calls it the layer of “Bullshit.”

Very big layer. Many people are caught in it; up to the neck they are full with bullshit. They carry the whole burden of the world, as if the whole world depends on them. If they are not, what will happen to the world? There will be chaos. Everything will be destroyed if they are not there - they are holding everything in place.

These people are very sick. The first type of people are absolutely sick but they are not very dangerous. The second layer of people are not so absolutely sick but they are more dangerous, because they become the politicians, the generals, the power holders, millionaires, they accumulate money and power and prestige and this and that, and they play great games. And because of their games millions of people are not allowed even a glimpse of life. Millions are sacrificed because of their games.

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