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Chapter 6: Expectation Breeds Frustration

I need my guitar to play my music.
I hear your blessed music, but I don’t see your guitar.
Osho, what is your instrument?
And a few sutras for me too.

Milarepa, neither the music is mine nor the guitar. The music belongs to existence, and the guitar belongs to you. You are the guitar, and this whole vast universe is the music.

I am at the most just a passage for the music to reach to the guitar. That’s why you don’t see my guitar - because you don’t see yourself. Who are you? On whom am I playing my music? You hear my words and you also hear my silences, and naturally you feel a certain music surrounding me. That music is your response, your love, your trust.

In a way I am not here. It has been a long time since I left this small house for the eternity. It is the compassion of eternity that this small house still goes on continuing to function. It is also your love, your prayers, your gratitude that helps my body-mind system to function. I don’t have any desire to be fulfilled. All is fulfilled - and when all is fulfilled a music arises. I don’t have any ambition.

Just the other day Hasya was telling me about one beautiful man who is being followed by many people. Lovingly he is called Dada. Bhadra’s husband is his follower, and he stays at Bhadra’s house. He told Bhadra, “I agree with Osho on every point except one - that is, he wants to save the world. I have been around the world,” he said, “and I am fed up, and I don’t see any hope for the world.”

He is going to come to Pune. I told Hasya to meet him and tell him one thing, “You must have had a desire to save the world and you are feeling frustrated.”

I don’t have to save anybody. The world is perfectly saved - this moment at least. Why not enjoy this moment?

I love talking to my people without any purpose. It is just my joy seeing your faces, seeing your intrinsic capacities. Who cares about the world? - if it dies next moment, we will still be playing guitars, singing, dancing, celebrating a last farewell to the world.

Who has given the idea to this man Dada that I am a savior? It is enough to save yourself. I am not a savior and I am not at all interested what happens to the world ultimately. I enjoy the idea, the dream that some miracle will happen and this world will be saved, but it is not my goal; I am not an optimist. Only optimists turn into pessimists. Dada must have been thinking himself to be a savior, and seeing the whole world he is feeling frustrated. I have never felt frustrated by anything, because I have never expected in the very beginning. If you don’t expect you avoid frustration.

I am a man of total acceptance.

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