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Chapter 16: Fear of the Future

War is not going to happen. The Third World War is not going to happen, and it will not be because of Buddha and Christ and their teachings of non-violence and love, no! It will be because of the atom bomb. Because death is absolute now, suicide will be complete. Not only will man be destroyed, but birds, animals, trees, all life will be destroyed on earth.

This is the only possibility of dropping war forever. We have become too efficient in killing; now killing can be allowed no more. Think this way and you will be surprised - then the future is bleak no more.

You say, “.violence through frustration.” That’s true. Whenever one feels frustrated.and the world is feeling frustrated, particularly the West. Frustration comes as a shadow of success. In the East there is no frustration because there is no success, so the shadow is missing. In the West there is great frustration because the success has come; all that man ever needed is available, and there is no contentment. Success has failed - that’s the frustration.

But that’s also the point of sannyas, meditation, religion. Yes, you can become frustrated and you can become violent because all that you have hoped for has failed - you have succeeded, and nothing has succeeded - great frustration arises in you - you can become murderous, you can become suicidal. But the other possibility is also there, you can start thinking in a totally new way: that success cannot be in the outer world, that success has to be something inner, that you were rushing in a wrong direction. Your direction was wrong; that’s why you have failed.

In the West, because of frustration, people are becoming more and more interested in meditation, prayer, contemplation. That too is part of the same frustration. My own observation is a person becomes a meditator only when there are only two possibilities: suicide or transformation.

When in the outside world there seems to be only suicide and nothing else, then one turns in. Only at that point, at that peak of frustration, does one turn in. The turning in cannot happen in a lukewarm person; it happens only when things are really hot and there is no way outside anymore, all ways have been proved false. When you have been frustrated totally by the outside world and all exterior journeys, when all extroversion seems meaningless, only then does the desire, the longing for an inner pilgrimage open up.

It has always been so. It is only at the extremes, when life faces a crisis, that transformations happen. Water evaporates at a hundred degrees; that much heat is needed. The West has created that much heat of frustration. A few people will become violent, a few people will become murderous, a few people will become suicidal, but the major part of humanity will start turning in.

You say, “.the automatization of the soul.” Industrialization and the growth of technology has not made man automatic, has not made man a machine. Man has always been a machine. Industrialization has only revealed the truth. It is a great revelation. Man has always lived in slavery, but the slavery was not so apparent, was not so penetrating; there was always an illusion of freedom.

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