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Chapter 22: You Will Not Find God, but You Will Find Yourself

The mind first wants to know: “Why? Where? By whom? For what purpose?” So the first rising of mind in human beings.you can conceive of what they faced.the sky full of stars.. Just think of yourself as Adam and Eve, the first man and woman on the earth. To you it does not create any question because you don’t even see the stars; you have become accustomed, you take them for granted. But the first glimmerings, stirrings, of intelligence in man.all was a fairy land, everything was a question mark.

So many stars! Why? Who created them? So many trees, so many flowers - who goes on painting them? The sunrise, the sunset - everything was thrilling, ecstatic. And all the questions became one question and that question is God. God is not a simple question. All these questions of purpose, meaning, motive, beginning, end.. The cunning priest exploited the situation of the simple human mind. He said, “You don’t know, but I know.” God is the invention of those cunning people: “God created it.” And then they started figuring out about God, because people started asking, “Who is this God? Where does he live? Why did he create?” So they had to invent: “God is omnipotent, all-powerful; he can do anything.”

Just the other day I received a letter. I receive many letters from Christians. This poor fellow says, “You don’t know, miracles happen! I have seen it happen; they have happened to me. My truck was stuck in the mud, and I tried everything that I could, but it wouldn’t budge. Then I prayed to God, and suddenly, the miracle: the truck moved! And you say there are no miracles.”

Now this poor fellow thinks that God is so interested in him and his truck, which is stuck in the mud, that when he prays, God immediately runs, as if he is a mechanic. Prayer is a phone call. He runs immediately, fixes it, and the truck is on the road. “And you say that there are no miracles.” And all these Christians have been relating their experience of miracles, which are just like this. Man’s ego finds it very satisfying that God cares even about him, knows about him, even about his truck stuck in the mud. But he is not aware of what he is saying. It has nothing to do with God, it has something to do with the ego.

The cunning priest played the game, fulfilling your ego, answering the questions raised by the mind in such a way that with one stone he killed two birds. The answer was a fulfillment for the ego and a fulfillment for the mind. If it was not fulfilling for your ego, you would have rejected it. You would have doubted. You would have raised a thousand and one questions - but it was very fulfilling to the ego. To doubt means your fulfillment for the ego disappears. It is better to drop doubting. It is far more profitable; your ego is fulfilled. God creates the world; he is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. He knows everything - past, present, future. Unless he knows everything, he will not know you and your truck, stuck in the mud in Oregon. And can you conceive of the idea of the mind and the ego, and their games?

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