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Chapter 26: The Moment You Find the Truth, Everything Stops

I have heard you say that seeking the truth is as ecstatic as finding it. Does that not eliminate the search?

It does not eliminate the search. On the contrary, it enhances the search because it makes seeking as important as finding.

It is a very fundamental question. Finding the truth is naturally thought to be ecstatic, even intellectually. But no one has paid attention to the search, the seeking. I am saying that seeking the truth is even far more ecstatic. All the failures, all the small successes, little glimpses, small open spaces, the few moments of ecstasy coming and coming..

Seeking is a very courageous phenomenon; it is growth. Finding is, really, fulfillment of seeking. The finding is the last point in your search, the fulfillment. Fulfillment has ecstasy, but it is now going to be permanent; it is going to be eternal. Soon you will become accustomed to it, it will be just natural.

And then only you will be able to understand those few moments, far and wide, on the way, when you had seen just a little glimpse. It was very fleeting, but it was tremendous excitement. That excitement has brought you farther and farther.closer to the truth.

Attaining to the truth, the first moment of fulfillment is of enormous blissfulness; but soon it becomes a natural phenomenon. It is with you twenty-four hours a day - and it is with you forever.

Only the person who has found the truth can say that seeking is far more important. It is not eliminating the search; it is making the search more beautiful, more challenging, more juicy than the truth itself - as if truth is just an excuse and the search is the real thing.

I am saying “as if”; it is not so. Truth is the real thing. The search is just a means, the truth is the end. But the means are not less important than the end. They should be given more importance than the end, because without the means you cannot find the end.

And on the way there are many spaces of great rejoicing. And because you are still moving between misery and joy, between despair and contentment.because of the contrast you can experience the contentment more clearly.

It is as if something is written on a blackboard with white chalk. But when you have arrived it is something written on a white board with white chalk: there is no contrast.

I made that statement in order to make it clear.there may be persons who have the courage to go without the master. It is arduous - still they have to be encouraged. It is going to be difficult. It is going to be a long, long journey. Their journey has to be made as lovely as possible.

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