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Chapter 10: Out of the Mud and the Mire

The effort that we have been making in the East down through the centuries, is not to solve the problems. For example, in your nightmare you try to solve the problem of what to do with this lion who is following you. That’s what psychoanalysis is. Or you start trying to find out where it comes from, how it happened in the first place - “Why is this lion following me? And from where is this fear coming? And why am I climbing the tree?” And you meet somebody who is very expert in analyzing things, in explaining, in creating theories, in telling you how it happened in the first place. Maybe it is a birth trauma or maybe your parents have not treated you well. Or maybe this lion is nobody. Just look directly into its eyes - it is your wife or your husband and you are afraid of your wife or your husband.

But all these explanations take one thing for granted - that it is real. And that is the basic problem, not where the lion has come from or what the symbolic meaning of the lion is. That is not the real problem. The real problem is that the lion is real. Psychoanalysis does not help you to become aware that mind is an unreal thing - illusion, maya. In fact, it takes you more into the mud and the mire. It takes you deeper, to the roots. But an illusion cannot have any roots. You will always be getting to the roots but you will not arrive. An illusion cannot have any cause.

Now let me repeat it, because this will make the difference very clear. An illusion cannot have any cause, so you cannot search for the cause. You can go on and on, you can go into the unconscious of man.. Freud did that, and did it perfectly, but that didn’t solve anything. Jung had to go deeper. He had to find something like the collective unconscious. And you can go on. Then you can find the universal unconscious, and so on, so forth, layer upon layer. You can go on analyzing - that maybe it is a birth trauma, that you became very much afraid when you came out of the birth canal from your mother’s womb. But things don’t end there because you were in your mother’s womb for nine months. Those nine months cannot be simply dropped. In those nine months much happened to you. You have to go into analyzing that.

And if you go deep enough you will have to enter into your previous life - that’s what Hindu analysts have done. They say “previous life,” and then “previous to previous,” and go on and on backwards. And you reach nowhere. Either way you come to a point where you see the whole futility of it.

To see the futility of the mind and to see that an illusion cannot have any cause and cannot be analyzed, the only thing that can be done is to make yourself a little bit alert, aware. In that very awareness the dream disappears. It has no grip over you. And once the mind is not there gripping you, you are a totally new man. A new consciousness is born in you.

And Hoffman must be aware of the futility. He has been helping people, analyzing - but it has not even helped himself. That analyzing has not even helped himself. Maybe it makes things a little more clear, maybe it helps things to be a little more categorized, pigeon-holed - it is a kind of labeling - but nothing essential happens. And if something happens sometimes, it is not because of analysis. If something happens sometimes, it may have some other causes; it has to have some other causes.

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