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Chapter 21: Totality Transforms Quality

The pain was there.you were hiding it. They cannot create pain, they can only bring it out.

It is just like the pus is inside the body and they force it out. It is painful, but they cannot create it; it is there inside the wound. You go on believing that there is no wound but the wound is there, and whether you believe it or not the wound is there and goes on destroying you inside; it goes on creating poison. The pus has to be brought out. It is almost a surgery, painful.

I did the group with my girlfriend. We’ve been together for over a year, and now the relationship seems to have fallen entirely apart.

Let it fall. A new start will be there. Just wait, and don’t be afraid, because once you become afraid and you cling, you will remain the old.

If it has worth, it is going to be there; you will renew it and it will be a new lease of life. If it has no worth, only then it will disappear. So in fact there is no problem to be worried about.

If something has worth, it comes through all fire, all destruction, all chaos. And whenever something passes through chaos and fire, all that is rubbish is burned. Only the real gold comes out.

Just finish the group. It has to be done. Nobody wants to do it - it is such a thankless job - but it has to be done. Once you allow it completely, once your parts are separated and you are unstructured, then the rest is very simple. But right now I can understand - your confusion is natural. You cannot see any future, and your whole past is destroyed.

I want to surrender so much..

It is not a question of wanting, because if you want, the surrender will be your surrender.you will not be surrendered in it. It will be your decision. Surrender is going to happen. Just don’t escape, that’s all. You just face whatsoever is happening, that’s all.

The surrender is going to happen.it is on the way. You cannot see the future - I can see the future - and you can only see the destroyed past. I can see it is coming closer every moment. You will be surrendered.