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Chapter 22: Tomorrow Is in the Womb of Today

I had been telling them, “India as one country has never existed in history. You should be thankful to the British government that they forced India and consolidated her into one country. India has been one country only under British rule. In Gautam Buddha’s time there were two thousand independent kingdoms in India!”

And I had told my family, “Your freedom will certainly remove the British from power, but remember, the country will start falling into the old patterns” - and that has happened.

Now Pakistan is separate from India, Bangladesh is separate from India, Punjab is asking for independence; Assam is asking for independence, and fighting. Soon all those two thousand kingdoms will be there. India will simply evaporate.

And millions of people suffered, went to jail, were sentenced to death. They were romantic people, not realistic.

No ideal in the whole history of man has been achieved. And how many million people have been deprived of living their life!

The journalist asked me, “Then you don’t want to do anything for the future?”

I said, “I don’t want to do anything for the future. I want to live my present as totally, as intensely as possible, because one thing is certain, the future will be born out of this moment. The future does not come from nowhere, it follows this moment. And if this moment is rich, the next moment can be richer. So I teach clearly to live without sacrificing anything. The method of sacrifice has been tried and it has failed - just give me a try.”

Live your today as fully as possible.

From where is your tomorrow going to be born? It is in the womb of today.

It is going to come from your life that you have lived today. There is no need to worry about it, it will be taken care of.

By your living in the present without sacrificing a single moment for any ideal, I can guarantee you all the ideals that have haunted human imagination can be fulfilled - not by sacrifice, but by living as deeply, as fully as possible.

If all people on the earth live joyously today - singing, dancing, praising the beauty of life and being grateful to existence - can tomorrow be different? It will be better. You will have become more alert to the beauty of living in the present. Perhaps today you were a little reluctant, you went a few steps, but tomorrow you will have more confidence to go farther and farther.

Ideals are not waiting somewhere in the future; you have to go on creating them every day, every moment. Freedom is not a commodity, that you have just to travel to the place where you get it.

Freedom is an experience.

If you want freedom in the future, for future generations, you be free! You live in freedom!

Naturally, you cannot impose slavery on your children. A free man knows the beauty of freedom. He would like his children also to be free, more free than he is.

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