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Chapter 4: I Mean Business!

The first question:

Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammed and Christ were enlightened men. They tried to teach their disciples the methods to become enlightened. They wanted to form an endless chain of enlightened people, and, instead of becoming enlightened, almost all of them tried to be cunning enough to cheat the common people by making large scale business firms behind these great men. Will you explain the reason for this? Will this ashram become the head office of such a new business?

Everything dies that is born. The flower that in the morning is full of life and juice, by the evening will be gone. It is a natural law; nothing can live forever. In time, things appear and disappear. In time, everything is just a soap bubble. You don’t condemn the morning flower just because by the evening the petals will have withered away, or do you? You don’t condemn the sunrise because once the sunrise has happened the sunset is coming closer.

When there is a buddha a flower blooms. But it cannot remain forever - that is not the way of time; the flower will disappear. And man is cunning, man is calculating. A few cunning and calculating people will gather around; they will make a business out of it; that too is natural. When a buddha is not there, whatsoever he has done is bound to become a business. But that is no reason for a buddha to stop doing whatsoever he is doing. Even knowing perfectly well that things will deteriorate, a buddha tries with all his heart, he lives his light, he shares his light, he lives his love, he shares his love. And those who are receptive enough become enlightened. Those who are intelligent absorb the energy of the buddha, and are transformed through it. They don’t bother about what is going to happen later on, there is no question of bothering.

You are here - rather than becoming a sannyasin you are worried about what will happen later on. Will this ashram become the head office of such a new business?

It is bound to become so. It has always been so; it will always be so. Before it becomes one, you become a sannyasin. While I am here, let me transform you. And why should you be worried about the future? There will be future buddhas too. They always go on happening.

So those who want to become enlightened seek and search for a living buddha. And they are always around; the earth has never lacked them. Sometimes a Jesus, sometimes a Mahavira, sometimes a Mohammed, sometimes a Pythagoras - they are always there. Those who are thirsty, they always find them. But there are millions who are not thirsty.

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