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Chapter 10: Religion Is the Ultimate Luxury

The first question:

It is a sight for gods to see that so many men and women, mostly young and intelligent, from all over the globe, have gathered at your ashram to seek truth and true religion. But aren’t you at the same time laying the foundation of another organized religion, a global one this time, which will again turn into impediments in the way of truth and religion itself, or do organized religions too play a positive role?

The first and the most important thing to remember is: never think of the future, and never be entangled with the past. While I am here, enjoy me. While I am here, don’t miss this opportunity.

This is mind playing games. You are not enjoying me, you are not delighted - you are creating a worry for yourself. Now the worry is about the future. Who are you to be worried about the future? And how can you manage to control it? There is no way. The future will take its own course. We cannot manage the future in a certain way, that it should be so or should not be so. All efforts have always failed.

Buddha tried that there should not exist any organized religion in his name. He tried that there should not be any image made of him, but there are more images of Buddha than anybody else in the world. There are a few temples which are called “thousand Buddha temples” - one thousand images and one. There is one temple in China, a cave temple, which has ten thousand Buddha images.

Even Buddha couldn’t manage it. There is no way to manage it. The only way is to use the present, and leave the future for the future. There will be people.we will not be here.it is their freedom what they are going to do with my words. If they want to make chains out of them, that is their freedom. If they want to be liberated by these words, that is their freedom. If they want to make a prison out of the temple that we are creating, then it is their freedom, and it is their choice. Who are we to interfere?

Now, Krishnamurti tries to interfere with the future. He thinks continuously about what will happen in the future - so no clue should be left for the future, so the religion cannot be organized. But to be constantly concerned so much about the future is wrong. Who are we? The future belongs to the future and will belong to future generations - they will do whatsoever they like to do.

One thing I can say: it is their freedom whatsoever they do, and I have nothing against them. If they want to live in prisons, they will live in prisons. They will find a way to make a prison out of anything - they have always done so.

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