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Chapter 1: We Are What We Think

In existence there is no hierarchy, there is nothing small and nothing great. The greatest star and the smallest grass leaf both exist as equals; hence the other meaning of the word dhamma. The other meaning is justice, the equality, the non-hierarchic existence. Existence is absolutely Communist; it knows no classes, it is all one. Hence, the other meaning of the word dhamma - justice.

And the third meaning is righteousness, virtue. Existence is very virtuous. Even if you find something which you cannot call virtue, it must be because of your misunderstanding; otherwise existence is absolutely virtuous. Whatsoever happens here, always happens rightly. The wrong never happens. It may appear wrong to you because you have a certain idea of what right is, but when you look without any prejudice, nothing is wrong, all is right. Birth is right, death is right. Beauty is right and ugliness is right.

But our minds are small, our comprehension is limited; we cannot see the whole, we always see only a small part. We are like a person who is hiding behind his door and looking through the keyhole into the street. He always sees things: yes, somebody is moving, a car suddenly passes by. One moment it was not there, one moment it is there, and another moment it is gone forever. That’s how we are looking at existence. We say something is in the future, then it comes into the present, and then it has gone into the past.

In fact, time is a human invention. It is always now. Existence knows no past, no future - it knows only the present.

But we are sitting behind a keyhole and looking. A person is not there, then suddenly he appears; and then as suddenly as he appears he disappears too. Now you have to create time. Before the person appeared he was in the future; he was there, but for you he was in the future. Then he appeared; now he is in the present - he is the same. And you cannot see him anymore through your small keyhole - he has become past. Nothing is past, nothing is future: all is always present. But our ways of seeing are very limited.

Hence we go on asking why there is misery in the world, why there is this and that: “Why?” If we can look at the whole, all these whys disappear. And to look at the whole, you will have to come out of your room, you will have to open the door; you will have to drop this keyhole vision.

This is what mind is: a keyhole, and a very small keyhole it is. Compared to the vast universe, what are our eyes, ears, hands? What can we grasp? Nothing of much importance. And those tiny fragments of truth, we become too much attached to them.

If you see the whole, everything is as it should be; that is the meaning of “everything is right.” Wrong exists not. Only God exists; the Devil is man’s creation.

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