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Chapter 21: Genetic Science: For Those Who Love Creation

But we only became aware of it when our first rockets went to the moon. They made holes in the ozone layer and death rays entered. And immediately the cancer rate went so high that it was unbelievable - what has happened? And then it was found that there are some rays reaching the earth which have never been reaching before. The Soviet Union has been trying to generate those death rays rather than sending nuclear weapons and missiles and airplanes loaded with bombs without pilots, controlled just by remote control.

They are trying to find a far more refined way. Just sending rays.you cannot do anything against those rays, they are not even visible. And they will not destroy anything, houses will remain intact. They will simply destroy only living things - man, birds, animals, trees, anything that has any kind of life. The moment the death ray touches it, life disappears. It will create really a tremendous nightmare. Houses will be there, streets will be there, shops will be there, everything will be there, just life will not be there.

But even then I would not say, not to investigate death rays. As the Russians began to work on death rays, America immediately started to work on how to prevent them, how to detect them, how to turn them back, how to create anti-death rays. And there is a possibility.Perhaps in the future, even if man does not use these things, if the ozone layer starts breaking in different parts and death rays enter into the atmosphere, we will be able to create anti-death rays to turn them back. We may be able to create, closer to us, another ozone layer.

So one should not act out of fear; one should see the whole perspective. If there is fear, that means the fear comes not from the power generated by science, the fear comes from the unconscious man. In his hands everything becomes poisonous, dangerous.

Change the man, don’t stop progressive science. For example, what I have told you was the latest findings of genetic scientists. Up to now we have lived accidentally, in the hands of blind biology. You don’t know what kind of child you are going to give birth to - blind, retarded, crippled, ugly; and he will suffer his whole life. And in an unconscious way you are responsible, because you never bothered to figure out some way that only healthy children - not blind, not deaf, not dumb, not retarded, not insane - are born.

And particularly now, when children are born with AIDS, you have to take some steps to choose which children should be born and which children should not be born. The children born with AIDS are bringing death to themselves, to their family, to their friends. They will go to the schools, they will go to the colleges, and they will spread it. And finally they will get married, and they will produce children who will have AIDS.

Now, unless we listen to the genetic scientists, there is no way to prevent it. Devageet is perhaps not aware that genetic science is able to exactly figure out a few things: for example, whether the child born out of a certain combination of male and female energy is going to be healthy or not.

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