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Chapter 22: Mind Is a Con Man

What has been happening to you is tremendously beautiful. Allow it to happen more and more; go deeper into this stopping; go further away from movement and you will be closer to yourself. Don’t be again caught into the net of the mind. It does not leave so soon. You may have a few glimpses, but it does not allow you to have more than small glimpses. Immediately it grabs you back, again a desire arises, again the tomorrow becomes real, again the future becomes significant and the movement and the thought process - and the whole mind is back.

On an extended business trip overseas, the Englishman is asked whether he misses his wife. “I don’t miss her all that much,” he replies. “One day a week I hire a local woman to come in and nag.”

Mind is your wife. Whether you are man or woman, it does not matter. Mind is your wife and a constant nag. It goes on nagging you and you have become so accustomed to it that sometimes you even have to hire a woman to nag you, because life seems to be so empty without somebody nagging you. Mind is continuously giving you new illusions, new hallucinations, new delusions; it is very inventive. It goes on creating new goals for you. If old goals are finished, if you have realized that there are no such goals, it will invent new goals.

That’s how religious people have come to invent paradise, heaven, God - these are new goals. Old goals have been dropped, but the mind is very clever. It immediately comes from the back door with a new goal. It says, “It is very good. Money is not the goal of life. And power is not the goal. Neither is respectability nor anything of this world. The real goal is God.”

God is a mind invention, just as money is a mind invention. Heaven is as much a mind invention as is respectability, name, fame - they are all mind projections. I emphasize it again and again to you that there is no God. I have nothing against God; I cannot have because he does not exist. My emphasis is for a different reason - I am not an atheist - my emphasis is so that when mind starts stopping in your meditations, it cannot give you goals like God, paradise, heaven, because those are the last tricks in its bag.

I am removing them, for the simple reason that it is very easy to get rid of greed. But it is very difficult to see that heaven is nothing but your greed. It has come in such a beautiful name with such a great religious aroma around it, with such spirituality. Nobody thinks that God is your greed. Nobody has exactly said in the whole history of mankind that God is your greed, that God is nothing but the last effort of the mind to nag you again to move.

All that mind wants is to go on moving. Don’t stop, because when stopping, the mind starts trembling. To stop means digging a grave for the mind, and of course, nobody wants to die. And your mind has been with you so long, it wants to remain with you - an old friendship, a long companionship. In misery, in happiness, it has been with you. It has done everything that you wanted. It has played all kinds of roles: it has lied for you; it has always been a support for you; when life was continuously dark, it was giving you glimpses of a faraway star: “Don’t be worried. If today it is dark, tomorrow it is not going to be dark. It is not going to be dark forever. One day, the sunrise is certain.”

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